Training in Romi-KahunaBodywork

The "better" we know ourselves, the more clarified we are, the more refined our intuition and we can apply the appropriate therapy in depth, speed and intensity of strokes for the client.

The basic training to become a Romi – KahunaBodywork – Practitioner takes about 15 days, depending on the format in which it is done.

Traditionally, there is no training to be a healer in Hawaiian culture – there are trainings to understand oneself in the depth of one’s being – physically, mentally and emotionally.

We are 100% committed to this approach – as the requirements for a Romipractitioner are nothing less than good physical organization and clear mental/spiritual alignment.

Thus, Romi Training is a multifaceted learning and self-awareness process that is interesting for everyone.
Feldenkrais, Flying, Qi Gong, Huna, Meditation, TaKeTiNa, Trancereisen and the like are experienced artfully coordinated,
to learn and deepen the Hawaiian KA effectively, precisely and “fast”.

It does not matter how much or how little you have done in this direction so far, what your previous experience is – the above mentioned methods of refinement and the two trainers Margarete & Christoph Bundschu, will pick you up where and how you walk, stand and treat.