Individual treatments
in Romi - KahunaBodywork

And what do you do regularly to recharge your batteries and lift your spirits?

Traditional knowledge for people of today

More and more people understand that long-term health, well-being and success cannot be achieved through sustained effort – it is just as important to have regular phases and experiences of letting things happen. Hawaiian culture has known this for centuries. Thus, among other things, a special form of body treatment developed here, which was mainly experienced by executives before they took office. Because without their personal stress, they could make wiser decisions for the good of the community. The Hawaiian bodywork Romi Kahuna Bodywork comes from this tradition. It is an extraordinary experience that provides often surprisingly lasting stress reduction in 1.5 to 2 hours.

The method

Romi – Kahuna Bodywork is a traditional treatment style from the temples of Hawaii – for physical and mental clearing. Artfully executed, it is a wonderfully effective and enjoyable medium to release stress of any couleur. Stress per se is not something we can avoid in life – certainly not in our culture and at this time, it is also not the problem from our point of view. Stress only becomes a problem when we don’t have effective tools to let it go on a regular basis. For this Romi – KahunaBodywork was created and has been used for a long time.

Its characteristic features are flowing, circular and merging strokes with forearms, hands and fingers. These are inspired by the flexibility of young palm trees dancing in the wind and the different qualities of flowing water. Romi is a dynamic, powerful and sensory refining traditional bodywork that is both fascial and energetic.

Depending on the client, his constitution and current life situation, the depth, rhythm and speed of the strokes are adjusted accordingly during the treatment.

Treatment duration

A complete session lasts about 2 hours. In our day-to-day practice, we also offer 60- or 90-minute appointments. Depending on individual wishes or requirements, the treatment can be repeated at intervals.

Body and mind

From a Hawaiian point of view, all problems – whether physical, mental or spiritual – have their roots in unprocessed stress and resistance. Blockages arise which have a reciprocal effect on body and mind. Romi – Kahuna Bodywork can gradually dissolve these tensions and adhesions.


When our body is more relaxed and flexible, we can better recognize and also express our appreciation for ourselves and our environment. When the blood is supplied with more oxygen and the blood circulation is improved, we have a higher vitality and a greater pleasure in life. When our mind becomes calmer, we can perceive our inner voice of wisdom and knowledge more clearly. Romi – Kahuna Bodywork relaxes the body, balances our energy system, helps eliminate toxins and is a sensory stimulating deep experience and one of the most effective treatment styles today.