Institut Hawaii

Alaka'i Ceromony 1993

Margarete and Christoph Bundschu
Kauai Temple “Ka Ulu o Laka heiau”

Christoph Bundschu

* Shamanism * Bodywork
* brain research * chinese life science

Christoph Bundschu has always been fascinated by the psychophysical unity (bodymind) of the human being and became interested in shamanic cultures as a teenager.

His path began in the early 80s with Tai Chi and Feldenkrais, soon joined by his first shamanic experiences. Chris has loved deepening his bodymind understanding and learning from leading experts for well over three decades.

His main influences in recent years for this were somatic experience, Qi Gong, Chi Nei Tsang (Daoist organ and abdominal treatment), thai nuad…. all this he uses to refine Romi – teaching and his individual treatments.

He is also a Feldenkrais teacher, physio – and psychotherapist (HP). After more than 10,000 Romi treatments, he is currently particularly enjoying passing on and teaching his experiences in the Kahuna Bodywork trainings with Margarete.

Margarete Bundschu

* dance * movement * touch
* Rhythm * Voice

Margarete Bundschu set the initial spark for the great success of Lomi Lomi Nui and Romi – KahunaBodywork in German-speaking countries – she successfully organized the first weekend and the first training in Lomi Lomi Nui in Europe.

Margarete is known for her playful as well as profound movement instruction. She was a professional dancer and choreographer for a total of 7 years. With the Hawaiian Kahuna bodywork she has found for herself the ideal combination of movement, touch, dance, rhythm, presence and personal development.

To date, she has been to Hawai’i 13 times. She has over 30 years of teaching experience and loves to share her decades of knowledge of dance and movement of nature-based cultures.

Married to Chris, 3 children together aged 14, 17 and 22.

Institut Hawaii

since 1993


“The Hawaii Institute was founded in 1993 – a few months after we had our first contact with Huna and the Hawaiian bodywork Lomi Lomi Nui. Especially Margarete was immediately deeply fascinated and touched by this magical bodywork! Both of us had already had over ten years of intensive body training and shamanic experience at that time. At the beginning of our LomiRomi journey there was a good 3 year collaboration with Serge King and Susan Floyd (Aloha International). Ua we created together with Susan Floyd the first Lomi Lomi Nui – training in Europe with about 30 participants! Then one evening a call came from Na Pua Olohe with the message: Kahu Abraham Kawai’i had heard about us and would like to meet us personally! Wow, after we had been told shortly before by Susan that Kahu was no longer accepting new students, we were delighted to get the chance to continue learning from the Grand Master and “inventor” of this ingenious treatment style in person!
A few months later, we respectfully and curiously answered the call. In a ritual on Kauai, with Serge’s consent, we were officially released from our obligations to Aloha International (we were the first Alakai = deputy teachers of Serge King in Europe) and accepted as disciples of Kahu Abraham Kawaii – a normal process in the Hawaiian tradition, because as the saying goes: you can’t serve two masters at the same time… Here now at the source of Kahuna bodywork we truly experienced new dimensions of bodywork. A loose but intensive apprenticeship of several years began until the death of Kahu in 2004. After that we invited Ho’okahi – Kahu’s partner and widow – a few times to us in Germany for trainings in KahunaBodywork and Hawaiian Geomancy.
Today we have our own style of teaching Kahuna bodywork, but we are committed to Kahu Abraham and his tradition and call to pass on the Kahuna bodywork he created as authentically and comprehensively as possible – he already knew that many superficially trained people would work with his style. We offer basic trainings in weekend mode, intensive seminars and advanced trainings in Romi – KahunaBodywork (RKB). Romi – KahunaBodywork is the name Kahu gave us as a tribute and assignment in one of his trainings on Kauai.

We are known for our diverse teaching style, our potential-oriented methods of self-exploration, and the precise teaching of Romi techniques. We also teach the fascial, deep tissue aspect of Romi – KahunaBodywork in our Advanced – Trainings.”