In addition to the diverse body and movement offerings, Huna, Hawai’i’s practical philosophy of life, is an essential pillar of the training. It is a traditional wisdom teaching – free from any dogmas.

To apply it, no particular religion, belief or worldview is needed. Huna has been put into a form by Dr. Serge King that is easy to understand, interesting and practical especially for western people of today. It teaches self-empowerment and personal responsibility, helping to create a meaningful, cooperative unity of body, mind & emotion.

Thus it can lead us to the dynamic balance of Hu & Na, Yang & Yin, activity and letting happen – one of the great challenges of our time! Many “exercises” of the Huna tradition require only a few moments of attention and can so well be incorporated even into a busy everyday life.

Huna can be a wonderful path to a self-determined and free life, or it can be used “portion by portion”.