Relaxation Hawaiian

Through the body can be a clarification
of the personality can be achieved.

Christioph Bundschu, body therapist

Lomi Lomi is a special art of massage.
Training course for those interested.

RELAX. There are some things you wish would never end. This clearly includes Lomi Lomi. What is it? Pure relaxation to Hawaiian sounds. When Anette Markart lets her hands glide powerfully over the body in time to the music and strips tense muscles, being gets lost in the realm of well-being. An hour in another world, from which one finally emerges as if reborn. Lomi Lomi has its origin in Hawaii. This form of massage was developed by masters, shamans and priests. Margarete and Christoph Bundschu brought them to Europe 15 years ago. And the body therapists from Munich pass on their knowledge. On April 30, a training course will start at Studio Drehpunkt in Bregenz.

Constant movement
In Hawaii, Lomi Lomi is part of everyday life. Almost everyone has mastered it. Yet this form of bodywork is often more than just a massage. “Current brain research confirms what the Hawaiians have known and used for centuries: Namely, that clarification and development of a person’s entire personality can be achieved through the body,” says Christoph Bundschu. Characteristic of the Hawaiian massage style are continuously flowing, circular and intertwining strokes with fingers, hands and forearms. Lomi Lomi moves in the truest sense of the word. While one is in a state of comfortable immersion, the therapist is constantly on the move.

But according to Anette Markart, this is far less strenuous than a conventional massage. “I prefer to work with Lomi Lomi because the special movements are calm and relaxing for the practitioner as well,” the medical and healing masseuse tells us. It really is a togetherness, he said. She enjoys applying Lomi Lomi to shoulder and neck problems. “Just recently, a woman told me she felt as if her wings had been cleaned after the treatment,” the 35-year-old reports of truly resounding successes. Lomi Lomi is applied on the naked body. But because not all clients are comfortable with this, tiny and therefore hardly disturbing disposable briefs are issued. The massage extends from the head to the tips of the toes. Again and again Anette Markart dips her soulful hands into fragrant oil while the sounds of Hawaiian music float through the room. You don’t even want to open your eyes anymore. Just lie still. Breathe in the sensuality that Lomi Lomi sometimes awakens. But after an hour, Markart pulls the blanket over the body, presses certain points hard once more, and leaves you alone with one last song. Nothing is really talked about, she says right at the beginning. But the need is not there anyway. One enjoys and is silent.